Power Rangers: Legacy

The power rests on their shoulders now...

                                       Legacy Zords

After the Thunderzords were thought to be destroyed no one knew that secretly Zordon, and Alpha recreated them. Since they still had the blueprints for them. Each Zord is more powerful then before. The inside of the cockpit is different too for all of them the controls are shaped like a ball they guide their zords using their minds to map out moves. To guide them though they must rely on their weapon partners which are the key to gaining control over their zord like Saba, and the White Tiger Ranger did.

Red Dragonzord

Piloted by the Red Ranger. The red dragon zord has the ability to transform and take on a human appearance. It becomes the body of the megazord.

Yellow Griffonzord

Piloted by the Yellow Ranger. The yellow griffon is strong, and steady. It becomes the left leg armor of the megazord.

Blue Unicornzord

Piloted by the Blue Ranger. The blue unicorn  is sturdy, and durable. It becomes the right leg armor of the megazord.

Pink Firebirdzord

Piloted by the Pink Ranger. The pink firebird is graceful, and agile. It becomes a shield and wraps around the legs of the zord.

Black Lionzord

With no one to take on the powers of the Black Ranger it remains in the zord hanger bay only to come out when they desperately need it or to help form the megazord. The black lion is stealth, and fierce. It becomes the armor for the whole megazord.

Legacy Megazord 

When all five zords combine they form a great megazord. Unlike the previous one though this one has quick ability and can sometimes move in the strangest poses. Along with the sword it now comes with a staff which the rangers use generally from time to time.


Ninjetti Zords

When they learned that having all of their parents ranger powers active was slowly killing them they had no choice but to make a dangerous trip to the Planet of Phaedous where it was said a great power laid. Their they meet Dulcea the last Warrior Guardian of the Ninjetti Powers. Sending them on a dangerous quest once they achieve it she reveals them to their animal spirits who were brought out in the challenge. They thought they were just getting new powers but she also introduces them to their new zords which resemble their animal spirit.

Red Eagle

Yellow Cougar

Blue Coyote


 Pink Sparrow

Black Elephant

Green Gorillia

Purple Dove


Silver Gecko




Ninjetti Thunder Ultrazord

Coming Soon

Archaic Megazord

Coming soon