Power Rangers: Legacy

The power rests on their shoulders now...


They appeared out of nowhere or so many would say they actually had them since they were born only it was hidden to look ordinary by the power. The Morphing Grid chose which child of each ranger would inherit their parents powers. When Tyran captured their parents the Birthmarks became visible confusing the rangers. There were seven in all but since there were only four power coins they had to go to the child compatible with them. Their birthmarks are in the shape of their respective parents last power and also each in a different place on their body.

Wrist Morphers

Strapped to the ranger's wrists, with a hole in the middle where the coin is put. Lifting it to the sky the power of their parents convulses and runs through their bodies making their eyes a different color of their respective power. Calling out in the respective color and name of their zord they are able to bring forth the power that rests in the coins and become Legacy Rangers. Usually when not using the bulky morphers they keep them in their backpacks.

Thunder Coins 

Each coin was created by Zordon to be backups incase the rangers needed help they were only coded in to the residual powers in former rangers. They were to be powered by through the sun to the morphing grid but once Zordon sacrificed him they were rendered useless or they thought. The power had been transferred into the original twelve rangers. Then came to their children thus giving them the ability to activate the coins.



 A funny looking communicator Alpha gave to all the rangers each of them has a band in a different color to signify the ranger. Many people ask them why they wear something so tacky who would have ever thought it is their way to keep in touch with their team.

                              Legacy Blasters

An essential part of their whole uniform like the power rangers they have their own blasters. The blasters aren't used too much only when needed. Together when aimed at once they have enough power to wipe out a monster for good. But they take a lot of energy so they aren't used too much.


Each Ranger wields one specific weapon which they use pratically all the time when in battle. Now they're tricky and a bit unique. Zordon built them to work like Saba. They are enchanted talking weapons which serve somewhat as the rangers mentors. 

Dragon Saber - Draco - Red Legacy Ranger

Griffon Disc - Orion- Yellow Legacy Ranger

Unicorn Spear - Pisces - Blue Legacy Ranger 

Firebird Whip - Lyra - Pink Legacy Ranger

Lion Mace - Leo - Black Legacy Ranger 

Serpent Sling - Hydrus - Green Legacy Ranger 

Pegasus Bow - Nashira - Purple Legacy Ranger 

Saba - Silver Legacy Ranger 

                                      Gallop Cycles

No Ranger should be without transportation and the Legacy Rangers are no exception. Marin was inspired by the every day transportation of the world from the early 2000's and such and decided this would be a great asset too the whole team. The cycles were built by Alpha and Marin together for a quick get away since not all the time teleporting is the best for them to use.  These mounts are agile and can make almost any maneuver through a tight turn or around the blast from a monster. They don't run on gas but on solar energy from the sun so on a rainy day or any time when the sun isn't up they won't be able to access them.