Power Rangers: Legacy

The power rests on their shoulders now...

Zedd 'Ezekiel':


When Zordon's energy wave washed over them and their army, Zedd was spared, transformed into a human being. Later on while his wife Rita became the Mystic Mother, he slipped off into quiet life as an accomplished archaeologist on Earth. Taking on the alias Ezekiel so he could blend in with the humans. When his wife the Mystic Mother caught wind of the fate of the ex Rangers of Zordon. Ezekiel tried to warn them the danger but he was too late. When he learned his former business partner Tarva the betrayer of the Order of Meledon was behind this, he set out to the last known location of the Rangers in order to stop the conqueror. He was drawn to the ruins of the Power Chamber where Alpha V is already working on a rescue plan.

When the two find out that the Ranger's children possess powers from the morphin grid they set out to find them before Tarva can get his grasp on them. After rescuing the children they stumble on a miraculous discovery the Rangers doormat powers have them transferred to four of their children. Zedd sees this as a chance to restore order, and wipe away the remains of his past life. So he urges the four to become Rangers and take up their parents legacy. It was he who found the Thunder coins in the Power Chamber, and he who helped them morph for the first time. With the alias Ezekiel he has become the mentor of the Legacy Rangers. He is not the most patient mentor and on more then one occasion can be rather harsh to the Rangers but his knowledge, and abilities have proven him to be a valuable ally.

Both Zedd and Alpha V have agreed not to reveal the ex emperor's past. Knowing it would add tension and problems if they ever knew he had once been their parents enemy, and nearly destroyed them a number of times. When Justin comes into the picture it takes some convincing for the Blue Turbo Ranger to tolerate him as the rangers new mentor. Zedd will not rest until Tarva is vanquished. Later on he finds some of his power returning thanks to Mystic Mother although it is all good magic, he has no traces of his old evil abilities.

Alpha V:

A fully sentient automaton, or robot, and the loyal assistant to Zordon in the Power Chamber. He was built on Edenoi by King Lexian, and recruited by Zordon to assist him in establishing a vanguard of rangers to fight against evil on Earth. Alpha left Earth with Zordon to help defend Eltar, during Power Rangers Turbo. Now after learning of Tarva's reappearance on Earth, he came to warn the former power rangers of the threat. But he came a little too late. After being reunited with an unexpected ally in Zedd, he works tirelessly to save his old friends.

Once the Legacy Rangers come to be and the other children of Zordon's Rangers are found he finds himself becoming close to each recognizing qualities of their parents, and their own special traits in them. He doesn't entirely trust Zedd and some of his rash decisions, or his rough training, and more then one occasional the two find themselves bickering. But with Zordon gone Zedd is ironically the best choice to teach this group of newbie Rangers how to handle their powers. He will do everything he can to save his friends the newest Rangers' parents no matter what it takes.

Tia 'Rita Repulsa & Mystic Mother':


Once known as Rita Repulsa, she has now become human thanks to Zordon's energy wave. For a number of years she and Zedd tried to live an average mortal life but Rita soon grew restless with the dullness of it all. After much practice and work she regained her magic but this time it has become a product of good rather then evil. She became the Empress of Good Magic known as the Mystic Mother from there after. It was she who granted the Mystic Rangers access to morphin grid. Now she lives in the magic realm with the other mystics doing what she can to keep the magic itself in balance. She even helped her husband Zedd find his own abilities once more though he has proven to only retain a moderate amount.

After learning of the nearing arrival of Tarva, she warned Zedd of her former ally's return. It was she who realized the hidden power Zordon's Rangers possessed. At last resort unknown to all she preformed ritual to make sure a power transfer took place if Tarva was ever to get his hands on the retired Rangers. Even her husband Zedd remains unaware of this also. After the Nevus Rangers have been established she with the alias Tia visits on occasions disguised in her mortal form to help Zedd or give guidance to the young Rangers. The newbie Rangers don't know what to make of their mentor's wife but she had ironically become somewhat of an aunt figure to many of them especially the girls. 

Like Zedd, Alpha V has agreed not to reveal her past as their parents first enemy. Especially to Brianna and Alan the children of Tommy Oliver. Though her past as a villain won't be discovered for quite a while it won't take long for the Nevus Rangers to learn she is the Mystic Mother.


When the rangers find they need a new power source to combat Tarva, and a way to keep using their parents powers only at bare minimum. They learn from Zordon's archives of a being who is even more ancient then Ninjor. The original keeper of the Ninja powers and similar sort called Ninjetti. They travel to her planet Phadeos to seek her out. At first she won't help them and puts them through a trial to test the purity of their hearts and what exactly each of their animal spirits are.  She mentors and rangers for a while helping them with their ninjetti powers which isn't as easy as they'd hope to connect with but she's a good teacher and eventually they learn. 

Ranger Families:

 When the threat of Tarva struck Earth all the really could stand between him and the full potential of the morphing grid were Zordon's Eleven Chosen. All but Justin got involved in the battle. (They'd been unable to get ahold of him before it was too late.)

Tarva managed to take them all off guard attacking them on their annual reunion on Power Ranger Day in Angel Grove. The rangers did their best to try and protect everyone along with their children from the threat. But they were unable to morph due to a special spell Tarva used specifically to keep their rangers powers nulled.

Zordon had warned them long ago of the threat Tarva posed and that the Thunder Powers would be the only thing to use against him. But those coins were somewhere in the Command Center hidden. And the rangers hadn't been expecting to do battle against this alien being. They were unprepared, off guard, and outnumbered. After some effort Tarva captured all of them. After failing to retrieve their doormat powers, he finds out that they've found new vessels and the only way to accomplish this is through direct genetic descendants of the rangers. So he banishes the Ten to the planet of Meledon. Which once was the meeting place of the Power's first order of protectors. And laid to desolation and destruction by Tarva and his army. It is now desert planet under Tarva's control and a gateway to the dimension he is keeping the rangers. Where they will remain alive and are able to only look on as he goes after their children.

 The rangers do not give up and will stop at nothing to escape and get back to their kids. Each finds themselves at certain times when their children morph being able to communicate with their kids, and help them in any way they can with managing their powers. Most of their powers may be drained but they still held enough to do this much. Although some of the children aren't all that happy with their parents and the fact they kept their ranger heritage a secret from them. Though some such as Billy's son Marin knew all along or discovered on their own. 


Name: Jason Lee Scott

Name: Katherine 'Kat' Elizabeth Scott

Maiden Name: Katherine Hillard

How they met: They’d know each other since Zeo but while Jason had been attracted to the new pink ranger her love for Tommy kept him from pursuing a relationship. At Trini’s funeral Kat and Jason were reunited and she consoled him on the pain he felt for the death his best friend, and the girl he once had a crush on. They exchanged numbers and soon after Kat became Jason’s source for advice and comfort she did her best to help him through the rough time and was helpful when it came to raising Trini's baby girl Gayle. They became close though their conversations were over the phone and wanted to extend the long distance friendship. Kat moved back to Angel Grove where she found a job opportunity as a dance instructor soon after starting her own academy and spent time helping Jason. Since he was now a police officer. Kat assumed sometime into their growing friendship that she might be becoming his Trini and it hurt her deeply. She made it clear to him she wasn’t his Trini. And he revealed he was falling in love with her more than just the simple crush he'd had on the yellow ranger. The two them had a rocky on and off relationship till their love became more and more apparent and they married in Winter 2004 and had their first child Trevor in 2005.


 Children: Gayle Lynn (adopted), Trevor, Elisabeth, Tamara, and Emma




Name: Rocky DeSantos

Name: Aisha DeSantos

Maiden Name: Aisha Campbell 

How they met: Rocky and Aisha had known each other for a long time. Both harbored feelings for each other but with their lives so busy as rangers and their reluctance to express their feelings nothing came of it. After Aisha left for Africa things were even more hopeless. Both got married to others but never forgot their first loves. Still neither had much luck with their spouse. Aisha found her relationship strained with her husband to the point of divorce while Rocky’s wife died during the birth of their son Todd. Homesickness over took Aisha so she moved back to Stone Canyon her first home reuniting with her two best friends who were still in the area. After a few months of dancing around things Rocky and Aisha could no longer deny their feelings for one another and started dating. This lead to marriage six months later and they couldn’t happier. They had their first child together not long afterwards.

Children: Kayla, Todd, and ‘son’



Name: Billy Cranston

Name: Cestria Cranston

Maiden Name: Cestria

How they met: Since Billy moved to Aquitar he was quite taken with the young scientist. She was bright like him but unique and different from anyone he met before. He himself growing closer and closer to Cestria. They created a trusting bond with each other that slowly grew into love. Billy introduced her to many Earth customs including marriage which she agreed to only after understanding it fully. They had a small ceremony and she became one of the only aquitians to taking on a surname. Their son was an unexpected surprise, and a delight to the two of them. It was quite a challenge given some of their physiology differences to be pregnant with human/aquatian baby. But Cestria refused to have the child put in an pod like most of the aquitian children till they developed fully. She carried her son to full term and gave birth to Marin with surprising ease. He was a miracle to both of them.

While Billy was captured during his visit to Earth Cestria found herself heartbroken. She wanted to Marin to return home and allow her brother and the other Aquitian Rangers to handle the new threat. She couldn't bare to loose another person she loved. However Marin refused and pointed out that he was now a Power Ranger and it was his duty to save his father and stop Tarva. Cestria finally consented. On Aquitar she does what she can help aid the rangers. Providing help whenever there is a chance for a clear channel. Sometimes she finds herself having to relay medical help to keep Marin safe from the atmosphere of Earth. She doesn't like any of this. But she's gradually learning to have faith in her son's abilities to adapt to Earth.

Children: Marin


Name: Thomas 'Tommy' Oliver

Name: Kimberly 'Kim' Oliver 

Maiden Name: Kimberly Hart

How they met: The story of Tommy, and Kim is one everyone knows, and cherishes. After Kimberly sent Tommy the break up letter they lost contact. Shortly after Dino Thunder a chance encounter at Jason and Kat’s wedding the two of them got re-acquainted. It was a bumpy start to things what with the letter incident and all but they both decided to make amends and become friends. With Kimberly’s Gymnastics Studio in L.A. and Tommy teaching at Reefside High it was a bit of a stretch for the two them. But then Kimberly decided to open a branch in Reefside for her Pink Crane Gymnastics Studio and the two of them continued pursuing their friendship or lack there of it was hard to just be friends with each other. After resolving the letter and getting down to the bitter details they both decided to put the past behind them. They took things slow and steady but in 2006 it became apparent to the two of them that their love had not died and they started dating again needless to say it took some time but in 2008 the two officially tied the knot and got married and Katherine was Kimberly’s Maid of Honor while Jason was Tommy’s Best Man.

After a year the two had their first child Brianna, and some years after Alan. Giving them the unique middle names that signify their ninja ranger powers that pulled them apart and ironically brought them back together Alan Justin (Just and Able), and Brianna Grace (Agile and Graceful). Despite being retired from being rangers Tommy and Kimberly have continued to do their part in numerous missions. Life as a power ranger has never left them alone for long.

Children: Brianna, and Alan.


Name: Zackary 'Zack' Taylor

Name: Angela Taylor

Maiden Name: Angela Rockwell

How they met: Zack had always been trying to win his high school sweet heart love. But for some time he acted so much unlike himself around her she didn't like it and ignored him. When he came from the Peace Conference they met again he sought his hardest to change for her. After a time she fell in love with even deeper then the crush she had.

Children: Joshua, and Becky



Name: Trini Kwan

How they met: Trini had a relationship with a young man that none of the rangers knew about. Things happened which she rather not talk about and no one found out the truth or knew who her boyfriend was. But she showed up at Jason's apartment in Angel Grove one day pregnant with a child. She never spoke about it but she was determined to have her child. Jason did what he could to support her, and help her through the rough patch. Jason and Trini tried pursue a relationship but neither of their hearts was in so it didn't go anywhere. Shortly after Trini had her daughter she died in a car accident. In her will she left her daughter Gayle to the care of Jason. Her legacy lives on in her daughter. Although no longer alive Gayle has found she can have contact with her mother's spirit through the morphing grid where she views memories of her mother's time as a ranger, and gets advice at times. During Gayle's tenure as an Archaic Ranger her mother haunted her every day trying to help break the spell over her. She never spoke cruely however she did keep the pressure on her, and it was thanks to her in many ways that the Legacy Rangers were able to break the spell over Gayle and save her.

Children: Gayle Lynn



Name: Adam Park

Name: Tanya Park

Maiden Name: Tanya Sloan

How they met: They'd been teammates since the late Might Morphin Era, and fell in love sometime after Turbo. They kept in touch. They were the first to get married out of any of rangers. Facing a purely memorable relationship with no breakups. Adam had his share of fears but he worked his hardest to make their long distant relationship work. Tanya is now a famous singer she uses her maiden name for her concerts. Adam owns a successful dojo with Rocky, while he also does stunt work for movies on the side. Their relationship seems to keep growing and they were blessed with a sweet love that will never die. 

Children: Quincy, Vanessa, Peter, and Lori


Name: Justin Stewart

Name: Heather Stewart

Maiden Name: Heather Reed

How they met: They met in college where Justin found his equal in Heather. At first they were rivals both striving to usurper the others. But then after a game of truth or dare where Justin was dared to kiss her their attraction for each other was revealed to one another. It turned out they both liked each other but both were too stubborn to admit it. They started dating and found themselves inseparable. Once college was over the two got married and begun their lives together.

 Unlike the others they were not abducted right away. In fact they did not hear of the past rangers fate until the Archaic Rangers made their appearance. So while the Legacy Rangers struggled to save their parents, they did what they could to contribute. Justin especially had ties to most of the rangers. He helped in the area of programing, and taught Marin some handy tricks. He mentored Marin in many things. He tolerated Zedd for the most part and agreed to keep his secret only to keep the new rangers focused on the real threat. Heather took care of the children who weren’t rangers, and helped with maintenance. After Tarva discovered the power buried within Justin, he too was captured along with his wife who was used as bait to lure him out.

Children: Robin  

Past Ranger & Teams

Although the threat of Tarva lies souley on being dealt with by the Legacy Rangers. Other teams of rangers throughout their adventure will aid them, advise them, and help try and get their parents back. All of them in one shape or form have been touched by their parents. Some they already knew but didn't know of their ranger history or knew of it but didn't connect it as to why their parents knew them.

 Alien Rangers of Aquaitar

Trey of Triforia

Space Rangers

Ninja Storm 

Dino Thunder