Power Rangers: Legacy

The power rests on their shoulders now...

                                         The Story


Date: 2023

Location: Stone Canyon


Long ago on a distant planet before the vanguard of Earth’s Guardians were established, a group of six gathered. They were called The Order of Meledon. Most notable would be the future mentor of the first team of rangers Zordon of Eltar. The purpose of their gathering was because of the threat of Lord Zedd’s general Rita Repulsa whom they learned was looking to conquer their section of the universe. In an effort to combat Rita’s plans, they each gave a small portion of their life force to establish a pathway into the morphing grid. It gave them knowledge, and wisdom to better aid their quest but it was also discovered to have untapped power. For a long while they did not know how to use it as they battled against the sorceress. That was until Zordon discovered a map that lead him to the location of where the six power coins were stored. 

The tide was turning their way until one of their own group by the name of Tarva, a being from the planet of Luris decided to betray his allies. As one of the ones who had given part of his essence to the morphing grid he too had the ability to know everything their was about its power. So when a new opportunity arose he made a pack with Rita that he would bring her the power coins for a certain price. The sorceress agreed to this but still had the plan to double cross him. Tarva was only able to retrieve the dragon coin thus proving to not be of any use anymore. Until he divulged one of Zordon’s weaknesses which in turn made it possible for Rita to trap Zordon in a time warp. It seemed like she was winning until the wise sage trapped her in the space dumpster.
It turned out Tarva had been planning to turn on Zordon all along. He just used his so called old friend to tap into the potential of the grid. His thirst for power led to the conquest of many planets in other sectors by using the untapped potential of the morphing grid to fuel his armies and henchmen. He nearly succeeded in his goals but suddenly his powers were depleted he could hardly bend the grid to his will. Whispers across the galaxy of the return of Rita Repulsa and the establishment of Zordon’s team of Power Rangers, reached his ears soon after. It became clear that these so called defenders of Earth were tapping into the morphing grid’s powers thus rendering his connection minimal. 

Wanting nothing else but to control the potential of the energy in the grid Tarva tried with no avail to reach Earth and seize the coins. But the rangers themselves were protected by the morphing grid and the tyrant never got close to the planet. This continued to protect every single ranger team after that. Thus since there was nearly always an active group there was no way to continue his tirade. Now the year is 2023 and Tarva seeks to gain full access to the morphing grid. He vows to destroy what is left of the Zordon’s rangers and bring their destruction.

In his first act he kidnaps the eleven Rangers and begins a ritual to drain them of powers inside each. For unlike any rangers after them when Zordon was destroyed what was left of his powers were transferred to his Vanguard of Rangers. To lie doormat until needed. The process began but the eleven's powers abruptly malfunction. Suddenly four of their offspring are found to have strange markings, and the original rangers only hold residual powers. What could this all mean? Stored inside the power chamber were several coins all having remarkable abilities that Zordon would have given to retired rangers if the others needed backup.

With their parents powers passed down to them the four are able to activate the coins. But the coins themselves are powered by the morphing grid. Along with them the old thunderzords had been retrieved from the Dark Rangers restored, and improved. Guided only by the Reformed Lord Zedd, Alpha Five, and the tapes made by Zordon the rangers set out to defeat the evil space lord and save their parents, and the world from danger.

                                   Current Episode:

1: Heirs to the Power (Part 1)

The conquering alien Tarva has abducted the twelve original power rangers in order to siphon off the power left to them by Zordon. Now it is up to their children to save their parents and the world from destruction.


5- 29-14: Nevus is now Legacy because it makes more sense. And going through changes and additions.

3-30-13: Nevus is being reformatted and changed.

1-21-10: Added Ranger Parents and new information on how they met.

1-20-10: Added new profiles, the power coins, and fixed errors

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* The definition for Nevus is birthmark, scar, or marking.

* The idea for this story was something I've had in mind since 2005 but it took a long time to mold and shape it into something worth showing.

* This is also somewhat where the idea for Power Rangers: Generations of the Power RPG bloomed from but I came up with this first

 * I went through many names till I found ones suitable enough for the rangers.

* This spot will be updated and added on to at times because I'm not revealing everything yet. This is just a small sample of what's to come. And the small bios will change over time as they grow

* Oh and I'll give all of you a hint I have way bigger bios then these I just am keeping everything besides these simple facts quiet for now lol.

* The only reason that the rangers have the exact powers and colors of their parents is because those were the powers their parents were originally supposed to use, but in a way the power picked them because they fit what makes that type of ranger also.

* I used Dairanger from Super Sentai for the ranger uniforms for the team. But their weapons and the way things will be done will be different from that season.

* The original name I was going to use was going to be Nova Rangers but that would have conflicted with the SPD season. Ironically I found Nevus under the list of others words for birthmark and I thought it was cool so I used it lol.

* I used to have Jason and Trini paired together in this story but then I realized that if this was an actual show it wouldn't work since Thuy Trang is died in a car accident in 2001. So instead I gave her a kid before she died and that kid represents her mother. I know some people like to just have her alive but I'm trying to write this like it could actually happen.

*I paired Jason with Kat because I believe that have a lot of chemistry in Zeo (I wish they'd explored this relationship instead of the other one) not so Tommy and Kimberly would end up together. I would never write either without each other. But I wanted Kat to have a special person and like I said before, seeing them in Zeo I think they'd make an adorable couple.

* Rocky and Aisha are together now but they had kids with other people. This is on account of where each lived for most of their life. Her in Africa and him in the United States. Also it makes it possible for both children to have their parent's power separately.